The Gensler Touch! | Monday Montage

Corinne Durrette serving on the Deloitte Team at Orr Academy High School brings us this week’s Monday Montage of a spectacular transformation for the team and their school!

Last month, the amazing architecture firm Gensler invaded and totally transformed our City Year office space! They generously designed a new stylish, usable, and enjoyable space for us and our students to finish out our service year. During the renovation, we enlisted students and corps members to help Gensler volunteers rebuild the office to their magnificent vision. With the paint still fresh on the wall, we can’t wait to see our students’ reactions to the final project and how productive they will be while in there. There is already quite a buzz about the new room, check out some comments below:

“I like the paint and boxes (storage) in the room. I really like the colors too. I think I’ll have a lot of fun in here when it’s done.” – Freshman at Orr

“The space is going to be an important space for students to use for both academic and social reasons.” – Ricki Skaggs, Corps Member

“This room is going to be so open and inviting.” – Stephen Stanwood, Team Leader

Needless to say, the room rennovation is such a wonderful opportunity granted to us by Gensler and we are more than grateful and appreciative to have it! Check out all the photos or the amazing transformation here!

Corinne Durrette is a first year corps member serving on the Deloitte Team at Orr Academy High School in Chicago’s Humboldt Park community. Corinne is originally from Charlottesville, VA and graduated from Temple University.


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