The Dawning of a New Corps: City Year Chicago 2010-2011 Corps Kickoff

Jason Dones leaves City Year's mark on Chicago Talent High School.

Jasmyne Griffith left her Hyde Park apartment early Wednesday morning. She was blurry-eyed, but excited. She journeyed from Chicago’s South Side to the West Side, taking the bus to the Red Line and then hopping on the Green. Jasmyne finally made it to her stop and then proceeded to walk six blocks – in the rain – to Chicago Talent Development Charter High School.

“I’m ready,” Jasmyne said. “I’ve been waiting all summer to start. Let’s do this.”

Jasmyne (center) and her team take a painting break to pose for a photo.

Jasmyne Griffith is a corps member for City Year Chicago for the 2010-2011 corps year, and she wasn’t alone in her trek to the West Side for the Corps Kickoff – a physical service day that introduces our incoming corps to the service and culture of City Year – she took the commute and completed the service alongside 125 individuals ready to begin their City Year.

This year, Jasmyne, her fellow corps members, as well as senior corps members and staff, took part in a service day that benefited one of our important school partnerships, Chicago Talent Development Charter High School. The school recently moved into a building that needed serious painting and beautification – and fast. The school was starting classes on Thursday –City Year Chicago was set to paint on Wednesday.

Daniel Ready watches over service supplies.

Daniel Ready, Civic Engagement team leader, spent over a month working with his team to plan and prepare for the big day.

“We’re going to do some sustainable, changing service to get everyone ready to go,” Ready said as he talked to corps members in front of the then white City Year logo that was traced onto the wall of the City Year room at Chicago Talent Development Charter High School. The logo, begging for some red, yellow and black, was expertly painted throughout the day.

Anticipation and participation were the words for the day as many corps members and senior corps members echoed Jasmyne’s eagerness to get the year started.

Justin Apuli gives a classroom a fresh coat of paint!

“I’m so ready to meet the new corps members, do some great service and get the year started with a bang,” Justin Apuli, senior corps member, said.

Justin is a first year senior corps member at City Year Chicago .  He’ll be leading a team at Manley Career Academy High School in the North Lawndale community.

Corps member Phil Horn said he was ready for Corp Kickoff because he wanted to meet new people, and, in great City Year fashion, Horn proclaimed is excitement for service.

“I’m also super excited to paint…duh.”


2 thoughts on “The Dawning of a New Corps: City Year Chicago 2010-2011 Corps Kickoff

    • Props to Kristen Strobbe, the latest External Relations Project Leader… building on your legacy, David, as the 1st External Relations Senior Corps!

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